One of the finest cutlery brands that gives you exotic designs yet simple in style. Lakline is one of the leading brands with complete solution in kitchen décor. Our motto is to reach pupil , the world through the beauty of stain-less steel continuing to bring new inspiration to provide products which are unique, classy and royal yet affordable to.cutlery we offer are for every mood and ocaasion . we are a company which give a new meaning to cutlery , with the brand Lakline , you are always assured of getting access to the very best.


We belive each piece is special and is going to a special person so we In Lakline use all five senses to create each piece.
Our sense of TOUCH – using only the best materials
Our sense of TASTE – lavishing the utmost care on our designs
Our sense of SMELL- intuitively sensing what our coutomers will want.
Our sense of SIGHT- always watching over the quality of our creations
Our sense of HEARING – listening to the latest trends.

All this goes into making sure you enjoy your table with all five senses. This has been the philosophy in mullich for long.That is why , we have been using the most resilient materials and the most innovative designs to create every one of our pieces. Our purpose : is to make your table pleasing to you.